Camelia Șucu

”Education is the power of the future. I am supporting the majority of the educational programs that involve education and health in Romania. It is, in fact, my investment in our children”s future.”

Iconic Health is one of the young Romanian businesses that boomed this year. The best selling products in the company’s portfolio are the natural fruit and vegetable juices, but those putting an emphasis on their lifestyle can also find healthy menus or customized detox programs. Piața de Gros Abundia, a wholesale market, is one of the most popular in Bucharest, well-known for its local, always fresh and  low-price produce. ClassIN is a full-service business, offering consultancy services as well as design and decoration pieces, full ready-to-use solutions, but accessories as well. The ClassIN concept has just been launched onto the market and it aims to be more than a showroom or a concept-space of objects and projects – it will be a strategic partnership in the designers and decorators industry. Natuzzi is a breath of fresh air on the furniture market, by offering solutions and services to customize space which successfully combines the harmony and craft of Italian masters.

Perhaps surprisingly to some, but all of these businesses have the incredible tenacity of Camelia Șucu as a common denominator, her being a true serial entrepreneur!

As in any inspiring story, her road was not without obstacles or challenges. Camelia Șucu, the founder of several businesses in such different areas, had amazing experiences and reinvented herself every time. She is irresistibly attracted to all that is new and she never lacked the eagerness to learn. Every business move had a purpose which she consistently pursued ”It’s not easy to convince your team to believe in you wholeheartedly, but if you succeed, your power becomes tenfold”, she says.

Camelia is a leader, one who knows that entrepreneurship means taking on more challenges than anyone else, who knows how to learn a thing or two from each and every experience and to have good communication with all those who, one way or the other, contribute to the business’ success.

Beyond her experience as serial entrepreneur, Camelia Sucu is a style icon, capable of educating and inspiring a beautiful life, and her secret lies in reaching balance, as she herself confesses: „A beautiful life cannot be lived otherwise than in equilibrium: with others, with yourself, with your past and present.”