The first day of the event, March 14th will include workshops focused on entrepreneurship and management. There will be workshops, in parallel conference rooms. Each workshop is given a time of 50 minutes, and participants will have the opportunity to decide which of them will attend. The event starts at 13:30, with the participants registration and conclude at 18:00.

The second day of the event, March 15th is the day reserved for presentations and debate sessions. More than 15 speakers will showcase their experiences and outline the importance of education.

The day begins at 13.00 and will continue after 18.30 with the second edition of The Woman Gala Awards.

During both days of the event,  The Woman together with its partners will offer you great opportunities for networking, knowledge sharing and enrich your contacts. Not only this, but you will also benefit of special prizes from well-known brands.

Find out more about the agenda from the last year’s edition