Alexandra Gorea

Speaker @ The Woman Parenting Workshops

Alexandra Gorea, psychologist and therapist, is the Founder of Playful Learning – a vast educational project which translates into a nursery and kindergarden, an educational center and a small business that creates educational and psychological resources for kids and adults.

With more than 10 years’ experience in the field of psychological and educational services she says about herself that she found her vocation and passion.

While working as a child and family therapist she had the dream of creating a space where children and their families can truly learn through play, given the right instruments. This is how Playful Learning – Educational Centre was born – a place where you can find workshops, educational programs, psychological support and assistance programs for children and adults. She dreamed and dared for more when she opened Playful Learning – Nursery and Kindergarten where education is made with empathy, respect and passion.

She is also very passionate about creating practical resources that help people live a healthier mental life. Alexandra loves talking about play as the universal language of learning for kids and for adults also. Therefore, she creates and delivers programs and trainings based on play. Her favourite quote is ‘tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn’.

Because she is a strong believer of lifelong learning her education includes graduation from the Psychology Faculty, master’s degree in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Emotional Focused Therapy courses, Mental Health Facilitator Master Trainer, Family Therapy and Coaching, Play Therapy, Positive Discipline, Circle of Security. She is currently a student at the Faculty of Pedagogy.

Alexandra has the beautiful chance to practice what she preaches as she is the mother of two wonderful children and this is the most intense personal development experience of her life.