Amalia Sterescu

Speaker@The Woman Entrepreneurship Workshops

Starting 2013, Amalia Sterescu founded Outsourcing Advisors, the first portal for the outsourcing industry community in Romania, a valuable provider of niche training, mentoring and consultancy services. In her efforts to educate leaders and young Romanian generation, she founded Public Speaking School ( and she launched in 2015 the mission of introducing public speaking within the Romanian public schools curriculum – 100 Romanian teachers from public schools have been instructed by Amalia in public speaking as part of her mission to enhance leadership skills in Romania.

She was not always an entrepreneur in coaching and education, she accumulated 16 years leadership experience in the corporate world. She worked for Vodafone or Oracle, she managed complex customer service, telesales, telemarketing or sales support teams – she coordinated start-ups in India or China and she was leading  local and international teams –  last role in the corporation world being Vice President Support Centers Oracle where she was in charge for a $2B business.

Amalia is author of various leadership articles published on,, Business Arena Magazine,, in 2015 she published her first book “Dancing tango with life”( a serie of 58 articles about love& relationships, career advancement & women leadership.

Amalia Sterescu is certified as NLP Practitioner with Dr. Richard Bandler and as Personal Branding Strategist with William Arruda, trained in public speaking by Paul McKenna, John Evans and John Thompson, certified as ICF Coach by Center for Executive Coaching US.

In recognition for her efforts she received a few awards in the past 4 years: Mentoring Honoris Causa Award (2012) –  Lauder Reut Foundation, The best speaker of the year (2012) – Women in Business Association, Innovation in education (2013)– She inspire, Best Community Leader (2014) – Business Arena Magazine, Mentors in Education (2015) – The Woman.