Antoinia Norman

Speaker@The Woman Leadership Conference

Antoinia Norman’s firm belief in whole hearted leadership led her to observe the three consistent flaws in business that impacted performance; poor leadership, untrained people and bloated egos. Her decision to leave the fences of Corporate and fly solo as an entrepreneur began in 2010 having founded BusinessPROS, a global entrepreneurial organization whose efforts focus on building people for a lifetime. Antoinia has harnessed the advocacy as an agent of change using business and people as a force for good, which enabled her to work alongside incredible people and organizations and primarily includes supporting entrepreneurs all over the world.

Antoinia is the ambassador and member of UN Women Global Innovation Coalition for Change [GICC], and is lead driver of the ‘For Good Program’. Antoinia’s executive leadership for Sir Richard Branson and the Virgin Group Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship South Africa has been a pivotal enabler of entrepreneur skill development actively geared in building entrepreneurs to scale up in South Africa, Africa and other parts of the world, with her core focus on the business model and strategy.

Antoinia’s background includes taking the lead on strategic work in training people and business for sustainable performance whilst holding executive roles in local and global companies. Antoinia has been an active contributor, keynote and guest lecturer at Institutions and events, having designed enterprise development and soft skills programs that are both locally and internationally led. She is extremely involved in addressing the Global North and South disparities and bridging the commercial and historical divide as well as encouraging more socially driven enterprises. Antoinia is also business coach and mentor, trainer and strategic consultant. Antoinia is a Global champion for tackling the gender divide and developing more women entrepreneurs by assisting them as leaders and innovators in the male dominated business world by helping them overcome their fears and scale their businesses through interventions like training, linkages, mentoring and great partnerships.

“Find your purpose, fall in love with it and go do it” Antoinia Norman.

Photo source: Bronwyn Stewart