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For 7 years, we successfully bring together the most influential women from various domains in order to educate, inspire and develop both personally and profesionally. We offer: debate panels, presentations and workshops on themes like entrepreneurship, management, lifestyle or education.

In 2018, The Woman promotes the impact education has on society under the main theme The Woman: Always be the better you, thus trying to answer the international need for educational models that change communities.

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Leaders of change are gathering at The Woman events every year for Empowerment, Connection and Action.

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7 years | 7 editions | +3200 leaders of change | +100 speakers

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Our purpose is to empower and inspire you! We bring you on our stage powerful leaders of change as an opportunity for your personal growth.

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There are always more chances to take, more challenges to face, more opportunities to grow and more women to admire.

Events 2018


The Woman 2018

* NOTE:The event's agenda can be modified

March 21 2018

The Woman Leadership Conference

Community development, Education and Socialization

April 19, 2018

The Woman Workshops - Entrepreneurship

Find the steps needed in order to grow your business!

May 24, 2018

The Woman Workshops - Parenting

Be a better parent by educating yourself!

August 10-12, 2018

The Woman Connect

Relax and find your inner peace!

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