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The Woman Leadershio Conference

The Woman Leadership Conference

The Woman: Always be the better you!


April 19, 2018

Hotel Platinia Luxury Suites

About the event

Since 2012, we successfully managed to bring together the most influential women from various areas of work offering debate panels, presentations and workshops on themes like entrepreneurship, management, lifestyle or education.

The 7th edition of The Woman promotes the impact education has on society under the main theme The Woman: Always be the better you, thus trying to answer the international need for educational models that change communities.

Events 2018


The Woman 2018

* NOTE:The event's agenda can be modified

March 21 2018

The Woman Leadership Conference

Community development, Education and Socialization

April 19, 2018

The Woman Workshops - Entrepreneurship

Find the steps needed in order to grow your business!

May 24, 2018

The Woman Workshops - Parenting

Be a better parent by educating yourself!

August 10-12, 2018

The Woman Connect

Relax and find your inner peace!

Take action and educate yourself

The Woman Leadership Conference gathers more than +600 powerful women annually who develop themselves through

  • Presentations
  • Debate panels
  • Powerful Leaders
  • Exhibition Area
  • Networking
  • Cocktail party
  • The Woman Magazine
  • Case Studies

Powerful Leaders

The Woman is an opportunity for personal growth, for meeting new inspirational people and for developing new plans and projects.

Mona Nicolici

Head of Sustainability Unit@OMV Petrom

Speaker@The Woman Leadership Conference Mona Nicolici has started her career in broadcasting and worked for 12 years as...

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Melania Medealeanu speaker The Woman daa

Melania Medeleanu

Founder MagiCAMP

Speaker @ The Woman Leadership Conference Melania was a news anchor and moderator for most of her 22 years career in...

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Maia Morgenstern

Director @ State Jewish Theatre

Speaker@The Woman Leadership Conference The well-known and beloved actress Maia Morgenstern managed to earn over the...

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Maia Morgenstern The Woman

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There are always more chances to take, more challenges to face, more opportunities to grow and more women to admire.


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