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Leaders of change


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Get ready for 2020. Something fresh is coming soon.

Since 2012, we turn simple ideas and dreams into concrete actions. The Woman motivates, educates and supports women, those #LeadersofChange who have the power to inspire and connect businesses. Women leaders encourage education and act through active support within both their own communities and global ones.

The Woman promotes the idea of cultural and personal diversity. We are all diverse through the actions that we take, the job that we have and our aspirations. Through the power of cultural diversity, of leadership and active community involvement, we connect women globally. Yes, we connect, we empower, we take action and we encourage each of you to embrace your diverse personality!

The Woman Community

Education. Inspiration. Development – words that define the role played by The Woman community in the modern social context. We believe that one woman with one powerful personal story can change communities, and for this reason, we gather every year to celebrate the achievements of female leaders and inspire the next generation of strong, independent women. There are always more chances to take, more challenges to face, more opportunities to grow and more women to admire.

8 editions | +3200 leaders of change | +100 speakers

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