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About The Woman

The Woman motivates, educates and supports women, those #LeadersofChange who have the power to inspire and connect businesses. Women leaders encourage education and act through active support within both their own communities and global ones.

In 2018, we gather more than 700 #LeadersofChange for our 8th edition of The Woman Leadership Conference. We promote the idea of cultural and personal diversity. We are all diverse through the actions that we take, the job that we have and our aspirations. We encourage each of you to embrace your diverse personality.

Take action and educate yourself

Leaders of change are gathering at The Woman events every year for Empowerment, Connection and Action.

  • World-known speakers
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Conference Day - March 28th

* NOTE:The event will be held in Romanian.
International speakers' presentations will be held in English with Romanian translation support offered by the organizers and Corola Traduceri.
Agenda will be announced soon.

7 years | 7 editions | +3200 leaders of change | +100 speakers

Powerful Leaders

Our purpose is to empower and inspire you! We bring you on our stage powerful leaders of change as an opportunity for your personal growth.

Irina Rimes

Cantaret si compozitor

Nascuta in Republica Moldova, Irina a inceput sa cante de pe vremea cand era doar o fetita. Dupa ce a participat intr-o...

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Dite Dinesz


Acolo unde ajungi doar pe poteci Un reporter, un an, 12 sate izolate, 120 de oameni. Pentru oamenii pe care i-a...

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dr. Nevin Çolak

Senior Vice President @ Turkish Airlines Inc.

Dr.Çolak started her journey in aviation at Turkish Airlines as a Cabin Attendant in 1993. After leaving the active...

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Nevin Çolac
Christine van LOO RichardCalmes (1)

Christine Van Loo

Champion Athlete, founder & CEO @ VisionAerialist, LLC

Christine Van Loo, Female Olympic Athlete of the Year, the only 7-time consecutive National Champion in...

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