Cristina Mureșan & Theodora Cleja

Cristina Muresan Speaker The Woman 2017Cristina Mureșan. My name is Cristina Muresan and I’m in Y13 at Transylvania College. Throughout the four years of high-school my focus was to participate in as many activities as possible in order to find my true passion. I have attended English Language Schools in the US and UK each summer and I also took the opportunity of being a delegate at the Round Square conferences in India and Singapore which helped me expand my horizons even more. In addition, all these experiences made me aware of the fact that there are a lot of people in need, so I decided to join Habitat For Humanity in one of their projects, by building and organising fundraising activities at TC. In the future I would like to pursue a career in the Hospitality industry, as I have a passion for learning languages, travelling and working with people.

Theodora Cleja Speaker The Woman 2017Theodora Cleja. I was born in Cluj-Napoca in 1998 and for 12 years I have been part of the Transylvania-College community, currently being a Year 13 student. I would describe myself as a consistently growing and learning person, who is not afraid to take action and responsibilities, besides all I’m an animal and book lover. Due to my involvement in the school, I’ve been designated various student leadership positions.

I am the president of the Student Council, where I have the opportunity to further develop skills such as time management. I am also an Ambassador, and this improved my communication skills and made me a more people-oriented person as one of my main tasks is to deliver tours for prospective students. I am also the president of the Discipline Committee in Transylvania College where I deal with students’ behavioral and academic issues, trying to find effective solutions. This year I had the privilege of being selected as Head Girl and I believe that this is not about wearing a badge, but about the impact that you have on the community, about making a change and inspiring others.

During highschool, the school offered me plenty of opportunities to develop also as a person, besides my academic development. In the last years, I’ve been very preoccupied with spreading the importance of financial education since early ages, as education should play a major part in an individual’s life. With this end in mind, I established the CYFI Committee in Transylvania College that would conduct financial activities for students in order to raise the awareness of the role that financial education plays in preparing a child with all the necessary skills and knowledge for life.

In the previous years I attended the international summits In London and New York at the United Nations Headquarters where I made presentations on implementing financial programmes for children in underdeveloped countries. With the skills that I obtained in the debate club, I attended the International CYFI Summit, at the Romanian Bank Institute where I presented the ways and importance of implementing financial education in the national curriculum. Being an active member in my school community, made me realize the large extent to which education prepares you for life and the reasons why education is a basic need, as it enables you to shape the future of a nation.