Daniela Dan

Speaker @ The Woman Leadership Conference

I am Daniela Dan, and I am the mother of Onut, the wife of Ionut, and the friend of hundreds of wonderful women. What do I do every day? Through my business I help women to gain trust in them  to be beautiful both inside and outside.

I graduated from the Faculty of Law, and then worked for several years in television. The period in which I worked as a reporter, editor or news presenter was the time when I learned a lot of things. Most importantly, I learned to value TIME. And then I chose to resign and do something for myself and my soul.

I started to build a career in Oriflame, and today I have a team of over 1000 wonderful people that I coordinate. I am not employed, I work in partnership with the company, being a multi-level marketing system. So yes, I have my own business. A business that brings me financial independence, personal development, team, precious time and quality people. Yes, the people I meet  every day and the ones that I manage to help are the things that brings me joy and satisfaction. In our team everybody  know that we do not use people to grow the business, but we use the business to grow people.