Doina Cepalis

Speaker@The Woman Leadership Conference

Mrs Doina Cepalis, is  one of the  strongest and important figure in the Romanian business world. She knew very well what she was looking for in matter of business and she saw an opportunity. She knew how to turn  an unstable situation into a business opportunity.

Having the know – how and loaded with business  knowledge,  her start of in business  was a small textile factory which was about to close down, which she bought it and slowly  transformed it in a successful business producing children car seats and accessories, placing Romania among the largest manufacturers in the same branch.

Starting from scratch, and a small factory,  Doina Cepalis managed in 10 years to  build a small empire, called TEROX, which is very well known among the companys of the similar product.

The Terox company success and development having place under Doina Cepalis leadership and good quality team work along innovations and close partnerships with suppliers and customers.

Being a successful and open  minded  entrepreneur, among other things, she trusts in the new generation and relies on young employee, offering lots of qualification courses and professional development programs to make her team even stronger and more qualified for the new challenges and tasks that lies ahead.

Doina Cepalis is very well aware that the innovation never stops, is part of the company’s perpetual life on the business market, that is why Terox is constantly innovating in products and marketing and new tech .

“Through hard work and creativity we have achieved a good quality product under the Terox brand, a product that is highly demanded for its technical qualities and competitive price.”

With sheer determination and her unique entrepreneurial vision, always fighting to win, charismatic personality and motto ALL or NOTHING, is the successful business woman’s profile Doina Ceplis – CEO @ Te Rox Prod.