Domnica Petrovai

Speaker@The Woman Workshops: Parenting

Domnica Petrovai, psychologist and therapist, is the founder of Mind Education Health and the School for Couple – a project dedicated to those who believe in happy relationships. She has more than 20 years of experience in family counseling and couple therapy, being interested in preventing divorce by developing support services for those who are at the beginning of a relationship, as well as  for those who need a relationship. She is also the first author of an online course for couples – For two of us.

Domnica is a consultant and trainer for private companies who support healthy relationships and emotional welfare of the child, family and couple, and who promote healthy workplace relationships. Her clients are Orange, Coca-Cola, Ubisoft, Engie, Gameloft, Arobs, KPMG, EY, Ager. Together with the Mind Education Health team, Domnica provides psychological counseling for employees and organizing intervention programs that support well-being and healthy relationships.

She is also a consultant for child and family mental health programs for governmental and non-governmental organizations – National Mental Health Center of the Ministry of Health, UNICEF, LRSM, Save the Children, FCN, CRED, IOM, SOS – Children’s Villages Romania. She is also the coordinator and co-author of the National Mental Health Strategy of the Child and Adolescent in Romania. Lots of parents ask her help to understand their children and to improve their relationships.

She is promoting the well-being of the child, parents and teachers in Transylvania College also, by supervising the wellbeing department. At the end of 2017, Domnica and her partners – Transylvania College and Carturesti Cluj – organized several conferences to help parents understand their children better, how to be more supportive and how to make the changes in their lives and their families in order to live together in harmony. For 2018, Domnica wants to share more information with parents and teachers so that more people to start having healthy relationships and contentment in their families.

Last but not least, Domnica Petrovai the author of numerous books and educational materials for teachers and parents, as well as a member of professional, national and international associations that support psychological interventions and scientifically validated therapy.