Moderator: Dragoș Bucurenci

Dragoș Bucurenci is a communication strategist and coach, a civic activist and a television personality. He is a graduate of the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program of the Stanford Graduate School of Business. He trained more than 1,000 managers in public speaking, storytelling and interpersonal communication, and received the “Best Training of the Year” award at the Business Edu Gala in 2010.

He is certified as NLP Coach by the Academy of Coaching and NLP and as authorized trainer of the Process Communication Model® in Romania.

Dragoș built two of Romania’s most prominent NGOs, “Save the Danube Delta” and MaiMultVerde, spearheading a campaign that changed the younger generation’s mentality about volunteerism and about protecting the environment.

He produced and presented several TV shows for public and private TV channels, including hosting the Romanian version of the internationally acclaimed format Survivor. He wrote columns for national newspapers and magazines (Academia Cațavencu, Evenimentul zilei, Esquire, Elle, The One). His latest book, “Despre curajul de a ne lăsa văzuți”, published in 2016 by Curtea Veche, is a collection of essays on communication, vulnerability and growing up in post-communist Romania.