Ella Björnsdottir

A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination and instill a love of learning.”

Ella Björnsdottir is a Global Senior Consultant and Keynote speaker for FranklinCovey Education Worldwide along with her own speeches and inspirational keynotes. She travels around the world holding lectures, workshops, keynotes, inspirational speeches. Further, she is a personal coach and consultant around crisis management, team building, leadership development and personal development working both with individuals, teams and organizations.

During the last year and a half Ella has been working in 40 countries and trained approximately 80.000 people, including companies in both the private and public sector of education, banks, transportation in both Asia and Europe.

Prior to this Ella was part of the development of the Education Practice within Europe. In the years 2012 – 2014 Ella was Managing director for Europe, Middle East and Africa, and from 2010-2013 Ella was the Practice Leader for Education in Sweden.

With extensive experience and many years in lecturing and teaching leadership and management to all levels in the community, she has become an expert in transforming culture throughout the world.

She has helped thousands of individuals reaching their full potential through her work with FranklinCovey ́s Leader in Me and the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and other leadership trainings materials.

Ella has trained thousands of individuals in the field of Education in Asian countries like Vietnam, Hong Kong, Singapore, Mongolia, and Philippines, to name few.

She has trained and held keynote speeches for different audiences such as Educators, Ministries of Education, business leaders, University faculty, students, as well as families.

In other parts of the world, mostly Europe, Middle East and Africa, Ella has held many keynote speeches and trained thousands of people impacting the entire education sector to allow more focus on developing the individual child were the social, emotional and academic learning is combined, and made a priority.

Being a teacher by trade and with her vast experience in the field of Education Ella has a deep understanding of the daily work as an Educator. Also, Ella has a proven track record a broad experience from the corporate world. Ella worked 8 years in Television had her own television show. She was Managing Director for a retail store for 4 years in the field of home decoration, employing 100 people and a turnover around 20 million US$ per year.

Her combined experience has provided her with a valuable perspective in the educational environment and understands how to better prepare children for the work life that lies ahead.

Ella is very passionate about finding ways to integrate life-changing principles in the current school or company structure, resulting in cultures that produce great results that are aligned to countries core education systems. Being part of the FranklinCovey’s implementation team, she has been developing structures and programs to facilitate this work in schools, internationally. Ella believes that within every school lies great competence and potential. Her vision is to help communities around the world to build the internal capacity to be able to unleash human potential and positively impact the world of Education from the inside out.