Iuliana Tudor

Iuliana Tudor became the symbolic image of the TVR1 national TV station due to the dedication and years devoted to her passion. When it comes to her work, Iuliana is a professional who has coordinated very complex projects, but also the woman whose every appearance is unique.

Television is a major part of Iuliana’s life, and now she is involved in a new TV project on TVR called “Vedeta populară”, which is a national folklore contest.  The involvement and passion for each project brought her a lot of recognition, and she was asked to lead the Geneva National Federation, which included 196 states, and also the title of Red Cross Ambassador.

Iuliana’s debut at TVR1 took place in 1999 in the show called La telefon, muzică populară, and her achievements exceeded the boundaries in the coming years through productions such as Nu uita că ești român, O VEDETĂ…POPULARĂ, O DATĂ-N VIAȚĂ. Iuliana’s projects did not stop here, being an active and dedicated person involved in campaigns helped her to get involved in society and make a difference. Some of this projects are the Red Cross Gala, the Copii fac bine campaign, The UNICEF Campaign  Împreună pentru fiecare copil, the AVON Cosmetics Campaign 125 de femei pentru schimbare.

Iuliana’s career is a complex one with an impressive collection of events, such as the Festivalul național CERBUL DE AUR, Festivalul MARIA TĂNASE, Rebrenduirea TVR, where she hosted the marathon event for 8 hours. Her passion brought her recognition and the respect of a large audience, and a series of awards like: VIP Cerbu de Aur Award, APTR Award for entertainment with the show O dată-n viaţă, APTR Award  for Gala Zilele TVR – 55 de ani de muzică, teatru şi film în Televiziunea Română; Gala Folclorului Românesc, Gala “Femeia contează! – Social Campaigns Award.

Iuliana’s story began on June 16, 1977, and in her 40 years journey she has overcome many challenges, gathered a lot of unforgettable experiences and succeeded in 18 years of television to have a balanced life devoted to both the family and the profession.