Karina Ochis

“Fine education implies fully grasping the concepts of time and space. There is a right time and space to fulfill any dream and there is definitely not a time and space to do so. Calculating the fine line between the two is one’s greatest mission. Thus, one must be both creative and rational to be well educated in the act of ‘living’.”

Karina Ochis is the CEO and Brand Master at KO by Karina Ochis, and Founder of Elite Life Beauty and Wellbeing Spa. Karina is a serial entrepreneur, investor, published author, coach and speaker who travels the world in a relentless quest for life mastery and successful ventures whilst running several businesses.

The life of a serial entrepreneur always appealed to Karina. The visionary businesswoman with studies in cross-disciplines such as Politics, Marketing and Ecommerce (London School of Economics), Karina naturally gravitated towards the intricate art of branding from a really young age. Already a speaker, certified trainer and acclaimed artist, Karina entered the business world at only 19 with a ‘bang’ being, personally coached in business by JT Foxx (World’s #1 Wealth Coach) and counseled by George Ross (Donald Trump’s right hand man) who recognised her unique entrepreneurial flair.

Collaborating with world authorities such as Lady Mone (UK’s leading female entrepreneur) and Wayne Allyn Root (US vice-presidential candidate), she became the personal branding ‘it girl’, now running KO By Karina Ochis. KO by Karina Ochis is the next-generation branding company. Through elite consulting and high-end digital services, clients are provided with luxury products for brand management (www.kobykarinaochis.com).

Karina studied and finessed the art of branding throughout her life. She co-authored Cracking the Code to Success with Brian Tracy (world-recognised development authority) to be launched in the US this spring, where she elaborates on how individuals can create an elite brand – one that is results driven and true to them.

She just launched Karina’s Branding Biz. Club aired on YouTube, where she analyses famous personal brands. She is currently writing Welcome to the Elite – the three-volume prophecy, comprising of extensive cross-disciplinary studies on branding, interlinked with her forthcoming algorithms of creation and execution in real life. Whilst branding herself, Karina overtook a complete mind and body transformation. The experience let Karina to found Ana Karina Luxury Concept inaugurated with Elite Life Beauty and Wellbeing Spa, in Karina’s hometown (http://www.hotel-elite.ro/spa/), an urban escape that promotes a healthier lifestyle.

She consequently returned to her home country to one day revive Romanian tourism. Karina, an international speaker, offers content on Branding, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, and Lifestyle Design. Living by her tagline ‘redesigning success’, Karina has been speaking in front of hundreds of professionals, entrepreneurs and businesspeople around US and Europe. Graduating from the prestigious Coach Training School of Anthony Robbins – World’s Leading Life Coach, she coaches at group and individual level and is a constant catalyst for lasting change and self-development. Karina specialises in Life Coaching in the Digital Era.