Melania Medeleanu

Speaker @ The Woman Leadership Conference

Melania was a news anchor and moderator for most of her 22 years career in radio and TV. She has a BA in psychology and sociology, an MA in speech therapy earned at the Bucharest University and an MA in communication and public relations earned from the National School of Political and Administrative Studies in Bucharest. She is a graduate of the BBC School of Radio, the Reuters program for journalists and interned with various television channels in the USA in a Freedom House program.

For years she worked with some of the best known political analysts in Romania. She hosted some of the most prestigious events in Romania and has a long experience working with public opinion makers and high leveled politicians.

Melania uses her experience in television to teach others good diction, public speaking and training those who need to be in front of a camera.

She is a Tedx speaker, her speech about Finding your voice went viral in 2017, being seen by more the 100.000 people.

When she’s not training, she uses her skills to coordinate MagiCAMP Association as president and founder of what started as a camp for kids fighting with cancer. Today, MagiCAMP is more than a camp, with social programs for more the 400 kids and their families, such as MagicBOX (a monthly help consisting of medicines, clothes, food for aprox 100 families) and MagicHOME (Home away from Home – free accommodation for families outside Bucharest who struggle with cancer and gets treatment at IOB and Fundeni but have no money for hotel or a good meal.)