Melissa Sterry

“Knowledge is power, but knowledge is also subjective. In the absence of an understanding thereof, individuals, and in turn, whole communities, both within, and beyond the worlds of business and commerce, become vulnerable.”

Design scientist and systems theorist Melissa Sterry is recognised as a world leading authority on the science, technology and thinking that could help build a brighter future. A recipient of several national and international awards for innovation, creativity and enterprise, her career has been spent working with leading-edge researchers and practitioners worldwide.

A visiting/guest lecturer/fellow, workshop host, thesis supervisor, critic and scientific committee member at several leading European architecture and design research institutes and schools, Melissa has delivered over 70 talks worldwide, and is published in over 60 academic, trade and consumer titles.

Known as a champion of new talent and ideas, Melissa has formerly founded and run two international visual arts and design awards, and for more than a decade, she has contributed as a jury member to several of the world’s most prestigious design, architecture and visual arts awards.

Currently completing a PhD at the Advanced Virtual and Technological Architecture Research group at University of Greenwich, Melissa is the founder/director of Bionic City, which asks “how would nature design a city?” and explores the potential of biodesign in the built environment in the now, near and far future.