Mihaela Caluser

,,Travelling is one of the best ways to enlighten yourself. With each journey, you get to learn about different cultures and you gain different perspectives. I believe people should mention in their CV their journeys and their travel achievements.”

As CEO of WENS Travel, Mihaela Caluser inspires a team of 32 people to design and deliver custom/tailor-made holidays responding to the desire and wishes of their friends in trips as she likes to name their travellers/clients.

Mihaela is passionate about her work, her life, and all projects she develops. For 20 years already, she is constantly recreating the world map through the great experiences of WENS travellers.

She strongly believes in the value of travel as personal growth and education vector in the world. That’s why all the programs created by her team celebrate the joy of indulging into unique experiences.

Nowadays, the travellers are more informed, Mihaela says, they need lively holidays and added value, not plain itineraries. They need to be co-creators with their holidays; they need to feel the holiday is entirely dedicated to them. So, we’ve come closer to them, listened to their wishes and their concerns and we’ve tried to design our travel programs starting from their insights and expectations. This is how we created the Celebration Weekends and the The Concept Holiday –the tailor made holiday.

What she values most in travels is their power to expand awareness. She believes travelling introduces us to a great diversity of people, helping people generate empathy, compassion and tolerance for everyone. In life we tend to bracket people according to their race, nationality, physical condition, but travelling teaches us to remove all these labels, it brings us to see the entire beauty of the world and the greatness of all people. With this belief and a great open heart, Mihaela organized the 4th edition of Atipic Beauty – the fashion gala for beauties in wheelchair, a great event through which she has advocated openness and social inclusion.

Of all journeys, including the journey of motherhood is to Mihaela one of the dearest and inspiring. Her drive to create and offer is inspired by her two kids in particular and it is dedicated to the younger generation on a larger scale, in general. The challenge as well as the invitation she addresses to the young generation is – Do not believe what the others say. Go see! Create your own explorer map!