Mirela Bucovicean

Mirela Bucovicean has a strong sense of quality in her DNA. Born with a strong feel for beauty and keenness for marketing, she gathered knowledge and experience in various areas of activity, such as journalism, PR, advertising, sales, real estate, investment, and retail, after studying in paralel both the univeristy of International Economic Relations and the Law Univeristy. She founded Molecule F in 2010, the first online platform that promotes the Romanian design, a capsule that best retrieves the Romanian fashion and talent.

Molecule F was an unprecedented shock-and-awe move which rocked the fashion industry. Having an impressive background in marketing and mediarelated businesses, she has concentrated her vision and smartness around her company and was able to convulse the online Romanian market.

Mirela is ambitious, dedicated, and powerful. She has gravitas, keeping an optimistic approach towards all her activities. But the innocence-toexperience cliche doesn’t square with Mirela’s life. From the very beginning, her message stated professionalism and perfectionism- ideals exemplified in her tens of amazing appearances and interviews.

These calling cards, along with the broad experience in sales, negotiations, investments, and coaching, made possible no small achievements. Business Magazin selected her 3 times in a row to be part of its top 200 most powerful business women, in 2013, 2014 and 2015.

Over 22 years of working experience in more than 13 different industries made out of Mirela a valuable teacher. Her business success inspired tens of students willing to learn from her experience and to whom she was sharing her valuables ideas. Now she’s on for the 3rd season in a row at Naked PR fara PR – Business PR workshop.

Mirela inspires. She is an icon and has become a prism for fashion, beauty, and entertainment industries. She is the perfect entrepreneurial role model, having a rare wide appeal and becoming therefore the go-to person even for diplomatic events, managing to carve a serious reputation and gaining expertise in brand building, idea concept, events planning, and public relations.
Like all innovators, Mirela has pushed back boundaries, proudly promoting Romanian values and strongly encouraging authentic Romanian talent. She got involved in charity actions too, assimilating the slippery rhythm of life and being aware of how difficult improvising from scratch might be.