Nicolle Stănese

Speaker@The Woman Workshops: Parenting

Nicolle Stănese has previously hosted the A Better Country show for the Romanian Public Television (TVR 1 and, where she introduced TVR campaigns to show Romania as a country with beautiful places and generous and kind people.

Nicolle is the TV host of  the well-known “Bake Off Romania” show for PRO TV.

In 2014, she was the presenter for Eurovision Romania, the most important music competition of the year. This was also the first time that the show had only one presenter.

Life on the waiting list (“Viaţa pe lista de aşteptare”) was one of the most important TVR 1 campaigns presented during the show. It revealed to the viewers that saying “yes” to organ donation was a natural thing to do.

Her television activity began in 2008 with the Hello Sibiu (“Servus Sibiu”) show which she hosted for 3 years. This was followed by a morning show (Free to go on holiday, “Liber la vacanţă”) for Antena 1 for one year, and 3 years of the prime-time morning show First Hour (“Prima Ora) in Chisinau, the Republic of Moldova.

She is  the ambassador for “Baby Care Sibiu” since 2012. The Baby Care Association promotes the best conditions for the care of newborns interned in neonatal intensive care.

Also, Nicolle is the Honorary Member of the “Red Cross Sibiu”. As a proactive member of several foundations and associations, she has promoted humanitarian campaigns with a happy ending for each “story” she has been involved with.