Olga Johnston – Antonova

Speaker@The Woman Leadership Conference

Olga is an eco activist, expert on sustainable fashion, inspirational speaker, lecturer and founder of CircularFashion.Ru, a resource aimed to advance ideas about sustainable and circular fashion, design and business models across all industries and lifestyles. She is an enthusiast and inspirational woman who want to make our world a better  place trough  sustainable fashion. Yes, you heard that right! Women will save the planet through fashion!

Olga’s mission is ambitious yet simple “create a positive change by making fashion sustainable and sustainability fashionable”. Based on her international and interdisciplinary experience in fashion communication, styling and personal branding, Olga sees fashion and sustainability as the perfect tool for empowering individuals holistically, from developing a truly unique personal style aesthetic, to adopting a sustainable, ecological and conscious way of life, in leadership and business, in order to unlock a sustainable future for all.

We, women are uniquely positioned to bring about a sustainable tomorrow through our sartorial choices. The future is sustainable, beautiful, fashionable and female!  And it starts here now.