Sonia Nechifor

”Education starts with ”Thank you” and ”Please”! Good manners and respect are taught and self taught throughout life and they represent the morals of a true character.”

Sonia Nechifor is Managing Partner of Communication and PR Agency Communication ON, with offices in Bucharest and Cluj.

She founded the company back in 2011, in Cluj-Napoca, when she chose to become an entrepreneur following a background of over six years in the field as Communication manager of an important university in Cluj.

She combines her activity as communicator with being an editorial Director of Bulevard Magazine, launched in 2011, and in 2016 she also became a founding member of Ecolage, the first school of good manners in Romania, providing children and teenagers with the opportunity to elegantly develop their social abilities.

She is a firm believer in the idea of good manners in communication also, so in all the projects she undertakes she incorporates educational aspects in order to educate the targeted public. That’s why she developed within the agency a Public Affairs (PA) & Advocacy full-service, by which she would promote wide-impact social causes, with a strong social-educational component, no matter the field of activity, so they would become priorities on the public and political agenda and by which she would contribute to developing the community as a whole.

An eloquent campaign example that reached its goal is #EatThis,  campaign to support the Anti-Smoking Law in Romania, the success of which had a formidable impact on a social as well as political level: the law to prohibit smoking in enclosed public spaces. „It is extraordinary to see how an ample project, which brought together several actions from different layers of society, from medical groups to universities to youth organizations, to culinary and HoReCa, managed to come together in a draft Law to improve the quality of our lives ”, says Sonia Nechifor.

Her willingness to find simple ideas to turn common thoughts into extraordinary deeds surrounded her with beautiful projects and valuable people, true personalities, whose stories she defines day by day, in the Branding lab she leads.