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The Woman Workshops: Connect

June 2018



Inspiration. Evolution. Relaxation – The Woman Connect has the purpose to bring women together in a different environment. We know that over the year, you let yourself inspired by great models, then you take that inspiration and try to become your better self.

The Woman Connect comes to help you relax and find your inner self once again, away from the agitated environment of your daily life. We found the unconventional place and created the perfect agenda in which you can relax, free your mind, share you story and discover yourself once again.

What will you experience?

The Woman Connect offers you:
- Relaxation
- Inner peace
- Networking
- Valuable time

The Woman Connect gives you the perfect context to get away from the busy city and let youself inspired.


* Agenda poate suferi modificări








Find your inner peace

Calendar 2018


The Woman 2018

* NOTE:The event's agenda can be modified

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