Education. Inspiration. Development – the words that define the role played by The Woman community in the modern social landscape. We believe that one woman with one powerful personal story can change communities, and for this reason, we gather to celebrate the achievements of female leaders and inspire the next generation of strong, independent women.

The Woman promotes the impact education has on our society under the main theme The Woman: Always be the better you, thus trying to answer the international need for educational models that change communities.

Our community of powerful women participate at The Woman events and develop through TheWoman.ro digital magazine.

The Woman community

The Woman managed to create the biggest women community from Romania, with over 3000 women brought together by one sole purpose: to reach their highest potential through personal and professional development.

Business women, CEOs, managers, leaders, journalists, bloggers or freelancers participate annually at presentations, workshops and debate sessions. The access of men to the event is both permitted and encouraged.

Approximately 300.000 young people aged 18 – 24 from Romania abandoned school in 2015, while approximately 377.000 are considered NEETS (not in employment, education or training), according to Eurostat data. Education is the pillar for change in order to help communities and societies grow. Education is a continuous process that goes beyond the formal educational system or age.

The Woman promotes a continuous educational process through the chosen themes and debates that are brought forward throughout the event.


All women invited as speakers at our events are business women from Romania or abroad, leaders in different fields of activity who manage to inspire and develop both personally and professionally. Moreover, we are looking for mentors that can help grow communities through their activities.

Main themes included during the past events

Education, the power to change the world!

Women in business: advantages and disadvantages

Women Entrepreneurship – successful stories

Leadership at its best

Strategies for finding your work-life balance

How to find your passion through work

The Woman Ambassador 2016 – Mirela Bucovicean

During this year, The Woman Leadership Conference ambassador was represented by Mirela Bucovicean who has more than 26 years’ experience in 11 different industries. Mirela Bucovicean has a strong sense of quality in her DNA. Born with a strong feel for beauty and keenness for marketing, she gathered knowledge and experience in various areas of activity, such as journalism, PR, advertising, sales, real estate, investment, and retail, after studying in parallel both the university of International Economic Relations and the Law University.

She founded Molecule F in 2010, the first online platform that promotes the Romanian design, a capsule that best retrieves the Romanian fashion and talent. Having an impressive background in marketing and media related businesses, she has concentrated her vision and smartness around her company and was able to convulse the online Romanian market.

The Woman Ambassador 2015

Amalia Sterescu was the first The Woman Ambassador in 2015, being one of the most appreciated business woman from Romania. Amalia occupied major positions in companies such as Oracle or Vodafone, while at the present moment, she has chosen entrepreneurship as her new focus in life. She is now well-known as a business consultant, business coach and public speaker.