The Woman motivates, educates and supports women, those #LeadersofChange who have the power to inspire and connect businesses. Women leaders encourage education and act through active support within both their own communities and global ones.

Our purpose is to promote education at its highest standards through the action of leaders.

How do we take action every day?

Sincer 2012, we turn simple ideas and dreams into concrete actions. In order to do this, #thewoman has 3 main characteristics:  Empowerment. Connection. Action



In order to educate, motivate and inspire, we create:

–           Events: The Woman Leadership Conference – annually brings +700 leaders and international speakers, but also event concepts like: The Woman Connect, The Woman after 5pm, The Woman Workshops.

–           The Woman Online and Print Magazines – through topics focused on career, business, lifestyle



We connect people, ideaas and businesses through our events and our magazines. Through the power of cultural diversity, of leadership and active community involvement, we connect women globally. +3200 women are part of The Woman community.



Through personal, professional and social involvement, through our actions and through the creation of our community, we are:

#thewoman: (feminine noun) vocal amplifier and promoter of ideas developed by women whose ambition and leadership changed the world