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The Woman represents the professional and personal inspiration of the women entrepreneurs. The Woman is the one anchored in the social reality, aware of everything that is happening around the world.

The Woman motivates, educates and celebrates women who get involved and make positive changes in their communities. Since 2012, we turn simple ideas and dreams into concrete actions and manage to bring to light the most influential women in multiple fields of activity: entrepreneurship, education, leadership, theater, television, sports or management.

By organizing events and creating powerful content at The Woman Magazine, the company’s goal is to promote education at the highest level.

A complex and bold concept, expanded on many fronts, The Woman comprises from 2018: The Woman Leadership Conference The Woman Magazine |  The Woman Connect The Woman Workshops | Gala Awards The Woman Shop

 #TheWoman: (sf) vocal amplifier and promoter of ideas developed by women whose ambition and leadership changed the world