Adela Sîmpălean

Speaker@The Woman Entrepreneurship Workshops

Adela Sîmpălean likes to see people get happier. That call, she says, is what may have driven her to start a beauty salon in 2002: fistiq.

Since she was a young girl, she liked to draw and to knit, but she also found herself amazed of how people were so different in many aspects: art, society, literature, everyday life, different cultures… And she chose to study foreign languages, while continuing to observe people and their particularities.

No wonder, now, when she has been running her beauty salon for 15 years, her focus is still connected to people and how to make them feel and look better and happier; younger and healthier, while listening to them and carefully understanding their needs. That applies as well to the kind of drawing she enjoys doing nowadays: makeup.

However, the biggest issue when it comes to people and beauty is time. Time is a paradox. Because we have to use it, against it. Invest good time so as not to see it passing on our bodies, with full respect to health and natural beauty.