Catrinel Frătean

Speaker@The Woman Entrepreneurship Workshops

Catrinel Fratean is the founder of, first Romanian online platform for designing photo books.

With extensive experience in finance, she started the entrepreneurship journey, with a big interest in technology and education, having a strong belief that these two are the main triggers that are shaping the society and human behavior. Her main focus is the future of jobs and how can we, as humans adapt to the new work paradigm, where the focus will be on collaboration and human values.

Currently, she is coordinating the activities of Atelierul Digital Hub in Cluj and Timisoara, with the focus on increasing digital skills of entrepreneurs and small business digitalization and she works as a Delivery Manager for Evozon Systems, a company that encourages entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship, with a big focus on new technologies, that will bridge the gap between the NGOs, private and public sectors.

Catrinel believes that mentorship and volunteering help everyone grow, by going out of the comfort zone, therefore, she is constantly seeking for forward-thinking projects to involve in, one close to her is Cartea Daliei an educational NGO where she gives a hand with advisory and partnerships.

In terms of women empowerment, she is very concerned about equal opportunities, where she believes in the power of collaboration and communication between men and women can lead people towards a lower gap in chances.

Always be ready to pitch! is the theme that Catrinel will discuss about at The Woman Entrepreneurship Workshops.